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Learn Witchcraft

Witchcraft is both a religion and craft. Religion also involves worship which in turn requires the performance of rituals. Witchcraft is the art of performing rituals for realising your spiritual potential.

Study books and Nature

You must start with reading as many books on witchcraft as possible to get a thorough understanding of its tenets and beliefs. Witchcraft is closer to Paganism, which is a religion of Nature. So you should also go directly into the lap of Nature to have a practical feel of the religion of witchcraft.

Watch the flight of the birds at sunrise and sunset. Enjoy the movement of the moon, its growth to bright, rounded fullness and decline. Read books through brooks and sermons in stones, as Wordsworth said. Behold the clouds passing through the mountains and over the seas.

Watch the changing colors in the sky and on the earth. Take a notebook and write your feelings on seeing Nature in its various avatars. Nature is the manifestation of God's glory at its best. You will be able to revere Nature for its awesome beauty and benevolence.

Once you get the true feel of Nature, you will fall in love with it, appreciate it and be an integral part of it. You will acquire the basic qualification to learn witchcraft.

What are Witch Books and how are they useful?

The Basic Rule of Witchcraft

Before you start learning the witchcraft, you must remember the single most important tenet of witchcraft regarding rituals and magic: Whatever you do will come back to you three fold. If you commit a sin, you will face three-fold punishment. If you do good, you will be rewarded three times.


The rituals used in witchcraft are not just hocus pocus way of mystifying the worship or mumbling meaningless words or sentences.  The rituals are meant to evoke the hidden energies in nature and channel them to achieve positive and beneficial results.

 Rituals involve casting circles, calling quarters, invoking gods/goddess/ Mother Nature/Mother Goddess to bless you with the required energies and finally closing the circle. You can follow the established rituals for worship or you can develop your own. It is always better to write them down so that you can stick to them.

Join a coven of like minded witches

Covens are congregations or networks of witches who perform rituals and worship together. You can join a coven to interact with the fellow witches and discuss your problems, if any, with them. Covens provide great opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. You can seek guidance and directions from the experienced witches.


Learn to meditate daily. It will improve your focus and concentration. You will learn to be still and calm at your heart. The success of your rituals will depend on your ability to concentrate upon with a calm and quiet heart. Though not essential, it is helpful to burn incense or place flowers to create a spiritual atmosphere.
Book of Shadows

Create your own Book of Shadows or a journal of your experiments with witchcraft. Note down your feelings, emotions, bliss or disappointments and your successes or failures with your rituals, worship and magic. The true magic of witchcraft lies in feeling a blissful peace and making others get the same experience.
 Enjoy your union with Nature and Mother Goddess without asking anything in return. There is no end to human desires. No sooner you fulfill one desire through performance of rituals or worship, another desire crops up. Your own Book of Shadows will help you perform better by keeping a check on your mistakes. 

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