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Wicca Gods and Goddesses 

Wicca is the most liberal religion in the world. There is absolutely no regimentation of dos and don’ts of any kind in Wicca philosophy so long as you cause no harm to anyone. It is not like Christian religion where you are supposed to revere the saints canonized only the church. You are free to worship gods and goddesses of your community.

There are, therefore, literally thousands of different gods and goddesses in pantheons of different religions of the world. The ones you choose to worship depend upon your spiritual path.

Most Viccans describe themselves as eclectic. This means they follow their own choice.

They may worship a god of one tradition and the goddess of another. Of course, you have to consider your special needs and the domain that the god presides over.

For example, if you are an artist and want help to improve your skills, crafts or handiwork, you cannot call upon Cupid or Venus to help you, as their domain is love and beauty and not arts and crafts. In your case, you have to invoke the Celtic smith god Lugh.

Who is Lugh?

Lugh is the patron god of skills and arts and distributor of talents. He is similar to Roman god Mercury. There are innumerable statues and inscriptions dedicated to Lugh in Celtic faith. Julius Caesar was deeply impressed by the powers of Lugh and he recommended the powers of this god to the Celtic people.

Although Lugh was not a warrior god in the sense of Roman gods such as Mars, he was still worshipped by the soldiers because he could bless them with martial skills. Since Lugh is the patron god of artisans, his blessings are specially sought in making weapons of war such as sword, arrows, bows and spears.

Lugh is worshipped as an ancient god for modern times. He is the champion of artistry. Therefore, many artisans, musicians, bards, craftsmen call for his mercy and help whenever they want inspiration and creativity.

Lugh is widely venerated in Ireland as a god of thunder and storms and sam ildanach, implying that he was skilled in many arts simultaneously. The farmers and agriculturists worship Lugh with songs, dances and bonfires.



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