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How to Become a Witch

Becoming a witch means learning witchcraft as a religion of Nature. The first step, therefore, in learning witchcraft is to understand Nature and love it for what it is. You cannot love anything unless you develop a feeling or empathy for it. This is possible only when you stay close to it.

So stay close to Nature. Watch the grandeur of sun rise and sun set, or, the different phases of the moon and try to grasp the mystery behind them. Listen to the celestial music in the chirping of the birds, the blowing of wind, thunder of clouds, flashes of lightning and the lapping of waves. Soak your heart and soul in the warm rays of the sun in winter and cool winds in summer. This can happen only if you find time from your busy schedule of work.

Study the literature on witchcraft

Study as many books and magazines on witchcraft as possible. Read the history of witchcraft and learn about the suffering of the witches at the hands of the prejudiced priests and other vested interests in various societies of the world. This will enable you to study the witchcraft in its true perspective.

Join communes, covens, forums and discussion boards

Log on to Internet and you can find a host of forums, discussion boards, communes and covens devoted to the study of witchcraft. Join one or two of these forums and become their active member. It means that you should regularly study the topics discussed in the forums, raise questions and seek guidance and experience of the senior witches or members. You will get to know the practical problems faced by the new entrants to witchcraft and how to resolve them.

Find a guru

When you have formed a sufficient idea of the witchcraft and have become well versed with its special language and vocabulary, you should seek tutelage of a reputed guru. Quite possibly you may not succeed with you initial attempts to be accepted by him.
Once you show your sincerity and perseverance in learning the subject, you will be taken into his inner circle. The guru will lead you by hand and reveal the true secrets of witchcraft. He will remove the cobwebs of ignorance and plant new seeds of knowledge about witchcraft. Your proximity to the guru will itself be a great learning experience.

Develop the faith

We live in the world of science and reason. It is always good to remain awake and avoid following anyone blindly. But do we question the wisdom of our parents and teachers when we are young initiates? We follow them as we are told to. We have implicit faith in them. It is the same with religion of witchcraft.

We have to walk a few steps on the path suggested by the teacher or guru without questioning his wisdom or trying to find reasons for the same. The taste of the pudding lies in eating it first and then finding how and why it becomes sweet. Religion or faith by their very nature defy argumentation of the type that science and logic teach us.

Similarly, you should develop faith in the power of words and rituals, which to agnostics may be empty words. Your faith will invest the rituals with power and then you will see the magic of their performance.

Keep a journal

Keep a journal of your activities in witchcraft. Narrate your successes and failures. Maintaining a journal can be very helpful in keeping you alert on a daily basis. It is like noting the calories you take in your food on a daily basis.

You can control them only if you keep a note of them. It is the same with learning every craft including witchcraft. The journal will ultimately become your Book of Shadows or your book of reference in your experiments with witchcraft as you work your way in exploring its deeper mysteries.

Learning Witchcraft

Beginner Witchcraft

Some avices and basic steps for those who want to practice Beginner Witchcraft


We are a group of people committed to helping Beginner Witches in awaking their innerself and spirituality. To find out more please follow the link contact us



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