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Witch Trial

Witch trials were done during the 17th century particularly in the 1690’s. The places where trials occurred are Middlesex, Suffolk and come parts of Massachusetts.

There was fear in these places due to the disastrous things happening around them. People who are accused of inflicting harm on other people were given trials and proceeded to public examination for a more valid treatment of such witches. Many witches were convicted while some are executed through different techniques. There were also some witches who were pardoned by officials in the government. Nonetheless, witch trials were very much utilized in the ancient times to pin point certain individual which practice dark magic which issue out negativities in events.

The trials are done through a series of proceeding in court. This is done in order to determine whether certain individuals are guilty or innocent of practicing bad witchcraft. The first cases attributed to witchcraft were young girls having the devil possess their bodies. It is like the devil is taking over their minds and physical actions. These girls suddenly went into ill which caused their family to point to other people which may cause these unfortunate phenomena. The people who are given these allegations were put into trial. From here, these accused witches start to face trials. Once found guilty, they were executed if not convicted.

Hundreds of people were arrested due to the accusation of practicing evil witchcraft.

Indian slaves numbering of more than 150 were imprisoned. Even men at an old age were convicted and soon given the execution paper through the use of stones. With the use of huge piles of stones, a witch which already undergone trial and proved guilty was executed. After two days of having stones on the witch’s chest, he died.

No one until today’s time knows how these phenomena happened in the ancient time. Many people are still wondering about what certain attributes can one use in pointing to another person as a witch. What are the conditions of being a witch practicing the dark magic and inflicting harm to the people around him/her? Also, what is the evidence which can clearly prove of one’s innocence or guilt? Nonetheless, tests were given to the witches in trial. This served as a spectral evidence to let them be convicted or released. The trial also improved through these tests releasing a number of accused witches without proper evidence or having them passed the tests.

In today’s time, there are some reasons of why such catastrophic events happened before which was pointed out to witchcraft. The event where girls suffer from intense pain and contorting body may be attributed to Convulsive Ergotism. This disease can issue hallucinations and thus let the young women seem in pain. Visions created by these girls can also be blamed to the said disease. From here, the issue of science and paranormal phenomenon is clashing. Without the modern and advanced scientific processes before, people utilize their own jurisdiction to address these witchcraft accusations. This involves the trial and execution of alleged witches.


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