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Love Spells

Love is widely known as the most dominating human emotion.It has the authority of making people succeed unachievable goals and a dynamic force to continue living. With love, anyone can fight for one’s belief and the world. On the other hand, a love relationship gone sour can force someone to do despicable things.

Most of the time love spells is usually seen as scheming and controlling. That is why a few people frown when they hear that word. Nevertheless, this type of spell can be done positively or negatively.

Spells that are carried out positively are more likely to become stronger and improve one’s relationship. For those spells that are done with revenge can get totally destructive results.

These spells have a pretty long history and hard to pinpoint where it originally came from. You can find them mentioned in Egyptian and Greek Mythology. During the ancient time, these spells were performed intensely. Various charms and potions were developed.  Majority of these spells are used today. Most of the modern love spells today are made based on old practices. Even today, charms are still worn today to attract positive energy and banish negative energy.

If you are planning to do a love spell, you should always remember that you won’t win that person’s love through manipulation and compulsion.

Doing this for your own gain is unethical and can bring lots of negative results to the spell caster.

  • Positive Love Spell – these love spells are used in discovering your inner fears, hindrances and removing negative feelings. When making love spells without prejudice or doing it for good intentions can likely have positive results.  Here are the positive forces found in love:
    • Understanding
    • Strength
    • Protect
    • Power
    • Respect
    • Happiness
    • Balance
    • Admiration
    • Peace
    • Love

Love spells that show exude positive energy is recognized as positive love spells. When these are performed with optimistic vitality, this can help improve and individual’s self-esteem.  Here are a couple of the most widely known and used spells:

  • Attractive Spell or Beauty Spell
  • Driving out unwanted admirers or lovers spell
  • Attracting New lovers spell
  • Strengthening Relationship love spell
  • Finding Spell
  • Negative Love Spell

When there are positive spells, negative spells also exist. This are spells casted with hatred, vengeance and unfaithfulness.

 These spells are more complicated and if when done unguarded can be very destructive to the spell practitioner. These are a couple of various instances why they cast this type of spell:

  • Bringing back together lost lovers (one-sided love)
  • Enhancing sex drive in one’s relationship
  • Winning an estranged lover
  • Making a friend fall for you
  • Controlling a relationship
  • Breakups
  • Aiding same sex lovers

Doing spells for these reasons defies the basic fundamentals of a typical romantic relationship.  The feelings should always be with love and mutual understanding.

Love spells has existed for centuries. It can either affect you in a good or bad way, depending on your intentions.  Never gain someone’s love by doing it in unethical ways.



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