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Scarab and Witchcraft

The ancient Egyptians understood the sacred nature and the power of scarab. It was, for them, a symbol of life, hope, regeneration and the victory of hard work and perseverance over lethargy and inaction. The scarab represents how the strong will can overcome the hurdles. The actions of scarab also reveal the will of the gods and goddesses.

The witches empower the amulets and talismans made in the shape of scarab by using certain rituals in the worship of the god Ra or Atum. Ra could roll the sun across the sky, over to the horizon in the evening and back in the morning.

Witches use the gold, silver or plastic scarabs as oracles to divine the future. They hold them in their hands and concentrate upon them. They then see visions or dream like scenes, which they ‘read’ out, as divination of the future or solution to the problem.

 There is yet another way the witches use scarab as an oracle. They take a set of thirty or so scarabs. Each model of scarab bears an inscription on its flat backside. The front side of the scarabs bears the symbols of Egyptian deities and other sacred things like ankh or the pyramids.

They mix or shuffle the scarabs up.  The subject is, then, asked to pick up one scarab out of the lot of 30.  It is like tarot cards with the difference that the number of scarabs is much lower than 78 tarot cards.

The witch reader then interprets the symbol on the scarab selected by the client subject. The symbols on the backside of the scarab model can be used to answer questions on various issues that the clients come up with. They may range from love, money, profession, job, career, family, health, relationships, spiritual path and so on.

The use of scarab in witchcraft is another illustration of the belief that the witches or the users of witchcraft place in the creatures of Mother Nature. These creatures   can range from as small and seemingly insignificant insects like scarab to the powerful gods and goddesses in the pantheons of various religions and mythologies.





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