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Salem Witches

Salem witches were a group of people who were persecuted in the ancient time due to their practice of bad witchcraft. Supernatural events keep on occurring in the lives of the people in some places in the United States. With this phenomenon in hand, a strong belief that the evil actively persists on earth. Nonetheless, supporters of witchcraft have defended its worth due to the benefits it provides for agriculture and farming. At first, white magic has been useful for people in charming wild animals for food and communicating with the Gods for a good harvest.  As this type of magic progressed, other forces were able to penetrate its core by conceptualizing dark magic. These two opposite forces have consistently fought each other each taking side either the good or the bad.

From then on, witches became an issue. There were good practitioners who utilized white magic for their incantations and charms. On the other hand, the dark magic also has witches that use dark magic to provide harm to the people she grudges. It was said that these Salem witches worships the devil. Supernatural events and apparitions thus, are all generalized to be evil. These individuals are known to be advocates of the devil and thus must be persecuted and banished in earth.

Salem witches are from the place called Salem.

They are accused of creating misfortunes along with their common work. Their work was attributed with the practices done by the devil. This involves deaths in the nearby places as well as failure in receiving good harvest. With this, the supernatural forces were blamed. The women in this place is said to practice witchcraft that potentially caused all the catastrophic events in the area. With this, Salem witches were known to issue negative things within and outside Salem. It has been a historical knowing that these events happened before.

Executions were met after the laws which allowed persecution of accused witches. When a person points into someone who is said to inflict harm and pain to another due to witchcraft, this person can issue a complaint against the accused witch. When the complaint is found to be valid, the alleged witch is arrested and sought to seek people’s suggestion for public examination. With this, the public will interrogate and arbitrate the execution of the person. Once found guilty the witch can be put in execution.

The death of Salem witches were made through different means.

An example of execution technique was pressing of the body through the use of stones. There are also times which they use fire in order for the Salem witch to be burned alive. The witches nonetheless, were at times given proper burial. However, these are done in rare cases only. This is done when her family tends to be more respecting even though she is considered a Salem witch. Records have shown that Salem witch trials continued for a very long time until witchcraft practice alleviated in most places in the United States and other parts of the world.


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