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List of Spells

What is a spell?

A spell is something which witches and wizards use to attain, protect, or produce something. 

It is something that is done by a mere wave of a wand, by doing a ritual, or by simply pronouncing a few words.  One can also be placed under a spell if they drink or eat something which has been spell-bounded.  If one is not a witch or a wizard, and is not a believer of both, they might find it hard to believe that such strong forces and spells do exist.  The strength of a spell is dependent upon the abilities of the caster or the one making the spell.  It could last for just a brief period or it might also last for a long time.  Just as spells are formed and created, they can also be broken.

Today, even if you are not a witch, you can perform spells for your own good.  For example, if you want to see who your future partner in life will be, if you want to be beautiful in the eyes of men or of all people, or if you want to find love, there are spells for these.   Such spells can be done by a spell caster but there will be an equivalent amount to be paid if one chooses to employ this method.  If one does not know any spell caster, they can do the spells themselves without any added cost.  They just need to follow the instructions and also secure the things needed for the spell.  Below is a list of spells that one can do:

*Love Spell*

One should do this spell on a Friday night when the moon is full.  The materials needed are a sheet of paper with lines, a red marker or pen, an envelope, red or pink petals, favourite red lipstick, and favourite scent of perfume.  So the first thing to do is to write down the specific qualities that one would want to find in their lover on a sheet of paper using the red marker.  After doing this, one needs to spray the paper with their perfume.  Next, they are going to fold the paper and put it inside the envelope.  Then, they need to take a handful of the petals in their right hand.  While squeezing the petals they are going to envision themselves happy in their relationship and so in love for about 15-30 minutes.  Afterwards, they are going to drop the petals into an envelope and seal it with a kiss after applying the red lipstick.  The envelope should not be opened otherwise, the spell will be broken.  Keep it in a secure location.

*Spell to See Your Future Love*

This spell is done on the night before Valentine’s Day.  One will need only 3 pieces of almond candies covered in white chocolate.  He is going to simply say the incantation after putting the candies under his/her pillow before going to sleep.  When they wake up they will see who is meant for them.

Aside from these two examples, there are also spells on how stay committed, how to break up with their partner, reveal the truth, flirting, stop a fight, and many more.

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