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More List of Spells

Here is a list of spells. You may gain insight with what each spell can provide you by reading the description. Let these spells help you in one way or another once you utilize it.

Curse spells

This spell allows the person to issue out harm to another person. When you want to hurt somebody out of vengeance, for example, you would most likely utilize this spell.

Love spells

This spell lets a person gain insight of how to attract the person whom he/she wants. Through the use of this spell, the significant other can look into the enchanter differently and find intense attraction. It is made for the other to fall in love with the person.

Soul Mate spells

This spell allows a person to find the person which his/her soul is searching for a very long time already. This allows one to find his/her soul mate amidst a number of people. It does not necessarily present someone whom you love. It can be of the same sex.

Sex spells

This spell helps one to convince his/her partner of prowess in bed. This involves fixing a marriage that has come into a recent negative closure.

Death spells

This spell allows one to inflict harm to a certain person. With this, the other person may experience suffering and soon gain death in an unnatural way.

Reuniting spells

This spell lets people who have been lost to be found. This spell is mostly utilized by people who lost a family member that wants to bring this certain person in their life.

Weight loss spells

Weight has been a problem for some people. With this, many diet practices are utilized by some. This spell helps people to lose down weight for them to have a nice body of their choice.

Truth spells

This spell helps one achieve the true information he/she wants to hear. This can be utilized to flush down the true feelings of a person. Or, there are some cases where a lying person issues out the true information once this spell was given.

Commitment spells

This spell allows one to gain the commitment from his/her partner or friends. Providing commitment spells will help you meet your friends or partner that will have that strong commitment every people is asking for.

Passion spells

This spell helps people who wishes to bring back the same passion they have experienced during the first time they met their partner. It allows the lives of two people to find the fire again which will guide their lives for the better.

Psychic spells

This spell allows a person to know more about the future. With this, the future will be in hand, preparing the person of tough events that can happen. Prevention of problems may be done early on.

Ex-Girlfriend/Ex-Boyfriend spells

This spell allows a person to get over with his past lover. With this, you can move on with the lost love. Also, the person will experience the pain you would truly want him to experience when he/she did something not nice during the relationship.


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