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Witch Book

Over the years, witches have conjured thousands of spells.  Each spell has a purpose, a meaning, and a ritual for doing.  It is unlikely that present witches will remember what their great grandmother witches have used during their times.  So in order for their granddaughters to know, older witches have written down their spells in a large book known as a witch book.

A witch book could be called Book of Shadows in other locations.  It is a large book that contains numerous spells used by their great ancestors.  If there is one very important thing that witches give as an inheritance, it would be this book. 

Other people are not allowed to touch nor even get a glimpse of this book since they might use it for the wrong methods.  This is a witch’s most kept and most guarded secret.  Some witches use a spell to guard the book against outsiders.  Either they would make it appear invisible or they could make it visible but hard to open. 

Written from one generation to the next, this book grows thicker with time.  Every page is hand written and magical in nature.  They contain spells from how to maintain beauty to how to fight and kill a demon.  There might also be spells on how to reverse dying, how to attract love, how to see the truth, and how to see the past and the future.  Of course, these are just examples.  No one has really seen an authentic witch book.  If there are any, it might be those which contain simple spells only, created by ordinary spell casters.

As a witch, it is important that they familiarize themselves with the different phrases needed to be spoken or incantations for a spell to work.  It is not every day and all the time that they will have the book with them.  They can probably summon it but this is very risky and also very time-consuming to do.  Imagine a witch being in an emergency situation and she still has to flip through the pages of the witch book.  If they probably used the spell more than once, they might become familiar with it. 

Popular TV shows and series have portrayed the use of a witch book by movie stars.  These once again have supplied the viewers with the answers to their curiosity and imagination. 

People who want to be witches can get their share of a witch book through several online shops.  These however do not contain a bunch of spells but a bunch of stories to read.  Wanna-be witches can get their share of fantasy, adventure, and drama about the life of a witch.  They can even pronounce the dialogues out loud as if they are casting a spell.  These are the closest methods by which a person can become acquainted to the life of a real witch. 

For those who wish to be different though, they can try making their own witch book by searching for free spells online.  The spells may or may not work.  Nevertheless, one should still take caution in performing the rituals within them. 



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