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Black and White Witchcraft

Practicing witchcraft is a learning process. You may never arrive at the peak of your career but you may use the information learned in witchcraft to develop your sense of urgency. With this, you may also uplift your way of living and improve your mental awareness. There are many techniques you can employ in life. All you need to do is to gain more knowledge about yourself. It takes one to know one. With this, know your strengths and weakness. Let your power be nurtured day by day. However, you must first know what kind of witch you may be. There are two sides of witchcraft. These are white and black witchcraft. The two are opposing in nature. Let your mind set you to which side you would want to be.

Here are some characteristics of both witchcraft practices.

White Witchcraft

  • Practiced to provide good intentions to the people around you.
  • The practitioners are often said to have a Wiccan faith. This is a religion which is guided by modern pagan beliefs. It allows one to look in the earth and aspire for its development.
  • Practitioners believe in the threefold return. This belief says that for every good action you make, the return of this is three times in magnitude. This also applies in the bad side. However Wiccan practice does not encourage bad practices in life.
  • Practitioners normally utilize prayers and rituals. They use spells to provide luck to the people around them.
  • Practitioners also use objects which are highly useful for witchcraft. Some witches utilize talismans and crystals. They are said to benefit a lot from such objects.

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Black Witchcraft

  • Practitioners perform acts which are spiteful and provide harm to others.
  • They utilize unnatural acts which inflict danger to a number of people. With this, their enemies can be washed away or banished in a certain place.
  • They conduct negative acts in order to punish spiteful enemies for their selfish gain.
  • Practitioners use black magic. Nonetheless, black magic is not solely used for negative sense. It can also provide best hopes to those people who are hurt and needs to regain strength through fighting back.
  • People do not take black magic lightly. They tend to fear the practitioners of black witchcraft.
  • The magic used in this kind of witchcraft is a common source of misconception.
  • Black magic is commonly practiced in most of the black witches’ covens.
  • Practitioners sometimes fear the negative consequences of black magic.

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It is essential to know more about the two types of witchcraft due to its opposing means and function. With this, you are to find your inner being and let this dictate on how you should practice witchcraft. You must not think about learning the basics of witchcraft lightly. Every step of the way involves constant change and learning. Let the consequences also influence you in choosing onto the track you want to take. The practices are different and thus must be taken seriously.



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